Massage Therapy for Regular Health Maintenance

25 Reasons to Get a Massage

5 Ways Massage Can Improve Your Health

Massage, Facials, and Aromatherapy Help Cleanse the Body Inside and Out

Why Drink Water After a Massage

Why Should I Drink Water After a Massage? Drinking water after a massage has to do with substances released by the muscles as the massage therapist manipulates them, and with ensuring that the muscles of the body are properly hydrated. Water after a massage helps the body flush out any accumulated materials in the muscles […]

When to Use Ice or Hot?

Are you confused about when to use Heat and when to use Cold? Knowing when to use hot therapy vs. cold therapy is very important to healing because they have opposite reactions in the body.  Using the wrong one can inflame and aggravate an injury, while using the correct one can greatly aid in your treatment. Heat treatment and ice treatment have […]

Sea Salts and Epsom Salts

Sea Salts & Epsom Salts Epsom Salts are named for the mineral rich waters of Epsom, England, where they were known at least as far back as Shakespeare’s day. When bathing, the magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts) is absorbed through the skin and is an inexpensive and natural way to reduce stress, treat skin problems, and […]

Paraffin Wax Treatments

Researchers claim that hot wax treatments are helpful in treating severe joint aches occurring at the elbows, knees, hands or feet.   What is a paraffin wax treatment?   In this treatment, the wax is melted to a certain degree of temperature. Then the aching hand or foot is dipped into the melted wax in a way so […]