Marie Humphries, Licensed Massage Therapist
Therapeutic Touch Massage Studio, LLC


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. 

Here are a few...

 Vicky T. 9/23/2021

Marie is the best! I've had sciatic nerve issues for some time. She works wonders on my back. I suggest that anyone wanting an awesome massage definitely to go see Marie.

Jeff Antill 2020

I have to say Marie is one of the best therapists I have ever been to. So friendly and so professional. If you ever need help with any pains or muscle tightness, I highly recommend her!!!


Sara F   2020

Marie was professional and helpful. She used multiple techniques to relieve tension. Took great care in taking COVID precautions. I would highly recommend.


Ivey L 2020

Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Best blace to go, if you need massage!


Brother Richard Kovatch   2019

I have degenerative disk disorder and spinal arthritis.  Because I live with constant pain, I see Marie regularly for therapeutic massages to give me some relief, which she always does.  Marie massages gently over my bulging disks and massages deep tissue on my shoulders, lower back, hips, and legs.  Her hands intuitively find the deep spots of pain and bring me significant relief. She literally goes head to toe in 90 minutes and ends with hot, moist towels. Marie is knowledgeable, skilled, kind, and friendly.  I greatly appreciate her improving the quality of my life.


Sara Lima 2019

She was amazing! I'm a L.M.T. from Philadelphia. My Dad found a massage therapist for me. I didn't ask him too. However, I always prefer independent massage therapists. I find they are always better than going to a chain.

Most independent LMTs have years of experience and lots of continuing education under their belt.

Marie was very knowledgeable. I was running late as I was coming from my dad's house in Amite. I assumed that that would cut into my time (as that is how most therapist's work.) To my surprise she had text her following client & moved things around to get me my full time, which was so nice of her.

During the massage I could tell she was very knowledgeable.  She asked me what I wanted and listened. She was great.

I will be seeing her every time I visit here


Wendy Nielsen 2019

Marie provided me with some needed relaxation. She was extremely professional and was very knowledgeable about her area of practice. Thank you, Marie! 


Tammany Miller 2019

Best place to get a massage on the Northshore!


Tommi Pugh 2018

My massages at Therapeutic Touch are the cornerstone of my pain management regimen for degenerative disk disease. Marie gives and excellent massage!


Brittany Boothe 2019

The best Massage Therapist


Kehm Steffanie

Nice Therapeutic Massage


Michael Montgomery 2019

Always gives my back what it kneaded.


April A. 12/4/2019

Decided to try because I have constant back, neck, & hip pain. Marie will work those knots out! I was very impressed. She worked on me until my muscles were finally relaxed. I got the 45 minutes pain management massage to try. I've already booked my second appointment for an hour and half. Usually, my massages are ok but honestly, I don't get lasting relief. After Marie worked on me, I felt super! This massage truly helped me with all the pain I have for many months. 

Alissa Pierce March 2010

At Marie's studio the aroma of candles and essential oils envelope you as soon as you walk in and you immediately feel relaxed. Her massages are great, especially if you have problem areas.  So relaxing and calming!


Susie Pierce 2012

Marie has Magic Hands!  She does a great massage.

Michelle Stegall March 2010

Marie is very friendly and enthusiastic.   She got involved in our Lee Lane group right away, offering suggestions. She gives a very therapeutic, relaxing massage.


C Lacombe

Marie is always friendly and knowledgeable. She always finds the bad spots and even some I wasn't aware of and I leave feeling like a new person. Thank you, Marie, you are amazing!


Ora Reed   9/17/2018

Being a sports fanatic, I am quite experienced when it comes to massages, and I have to say it was one of the best massages I've received so far. She was amazing and did a great job with the hot stones and essential oils. I will not hesitate to call her again! Cannot wait to go there for another session.